Why Indulge In An Aromatic Car Diffuser?

A hanging car diffuser can change how you feel inside your vehicle.

We use our cars to get from one place to another. They’re not that important - right? Wrong!

The total amount of time you spend in your car might surprise you. Time spent travelling to and from work, chauffeuring your kids around to their various commitments and running general errands can result in a lot of time spent inside your car. More traffic, roadworks and our communities spreading out have resulted in significant increases in travel times for many Australians.

So, with all that time spent inside this moving space, you want to feel calm, relaxed and experience a pleasant scent of your choosing. A car oil diffuser is an easy solution to this. Choose to ditch the hanging air freshener that probably hasn’t smelled of anything since the day you opened it and opt for a more sophisticated solution. A product that isn’t made from harsh chemicals and non-recyclable materials. One that’s made from quality natural Australian ingredients and able to be reused. Choose a hanging car diffuser to improve the way your car smells. 

What Is A Hanging Car Diffuser?

A hanging car diffuser works in the same way as a household oil diffuser. A small amount of scented essential oil is placed into a vessel and absorbed by the porous cork material sitting on top of it. This head disperses the scent in a pleasant and gradual way. Allowing you to fully experience all the properties of the essential oil’s scent while simultaneously removing all those unpleasant odours we commonly find in our cars.

The Fragrance Room offers a range of different car diffusers that come in different styles, colours and sizes, depending on your needs and car size. The car diffusers close tightly and securely and hang down from their high quality string wherever you choose to place them. Making a unique and attractive addition to any rear view mirror. 

What Makes My Car Smell?

There are lots of reasons your car might be producing unpleasant smells. Issues with air conditioning vents, regularly transporting pets and lingering fast food smells are all common causes. Sometimes the odours in the air you are passing through just happen to be unpleasant due to factory emissions or pollution. Sometimes you may never even truly be able to pinpoint the exact cause of an odour, but, the essential oils inside a car diffuser will do their best to eliminate any unpleasant odours and leave you only smelling the scent of your choice.

Can I Customise My Car Diffuser?

Yes! Car diffuser oil scents come in an extensive range. You choose the scent that you want.

Popular scents include:

What Do Car Diffusers Help With?

Hanging car diffusers contain essential oils. The soothing scents of essential oils have a number of calming benefits in your home and your car is no different. The use of scents like lavender, mint and other specialised calming blends can help with motion sickness, anxiety and road rage. Alternatively, the right blend of revitalising scents can help keep you alert on long drives and periods late at night. Essential oils are a natural way to keep your car or home smelling the way you want.

Car Diffusers At The Fragrance Room

The Fragrance Room stocks a large range of Australian car diffusers and car diffuser oils. An Australian business, we offer you solutions to all of your fragrance needs in one convenient place. Visit our online store to shop from our entire range.

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