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Car Diffusers


Transform your vehicle with fresh fragrances perfectly captured in stylish, sleek diffusers. Our aromatic car diffusers hang perfectly in your vehicle, enriching the environment with a soft, welcoming scent.

At The Fragrance Room, we are excited to introduce a range of car diffusers available in a variety of unique designs and creative scents. Whether you’re looking for the perfect little gift or eager to pick up a fresh addition to your own car, The Fragrance Room has you covered. We use high quality, premium diffuser oils and each hanger is refillable, so you can fill up on your favourite scent or try your luck at a new fragrance.


We have a variety of designs available to choose from, so you can find a subtle hanging diffuser that will perfectly complement your car’s interior. What’s more, each of our diffusers come in the same luxury scents that we are popular for, so you can choose a scented candle for your home and a beautiful matching diffuser for the car! These air fresheners don’t only create a lush aroma, they also help with aiding unpleasant smells that may build up in your vehicle.

Whether you like something a little floral or are looking for a fruity scent, The Fragrance Room has created a huge list of scents to choose from. We have created a website that delivers beautiful products that are rich in a range of scents, from therapeutic essential oils to romantic soy candles.


Browse our range of hanging oil diffusers for your car and pick up a fragrance that you’ll love. Their small, convenient size won’t reflect the power of their aromas, and you can easily pick up one or two to stock up, or grab a couple for a thoughtful gift. If you have any questions about our stock, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the friendly team at The Fragrance Room today. You can call us on 0412 677 720 or email