About us

The Fragrance Room is proudly based in beautiful Melbourne, Australia. For nearly 26 years we have been involved in buying as well as managing retail locations in Australia. With the help of my partner who is a massage therapist and nail technician, we have worked together to find the perfect scented products that are best for creating a calm aromatic environment.

It has been quite a journey due to the many months of searching for scented candles and other scented products and being disappointed with the amount of hassle involved in finding one place that had it all. I came to the realization that there is too much time involved in looking through various websites for a variety of products that pair nicely with the home environment. I also found myself purchasing 4 items from 4 different locations, which added up to 4 different etas’, 4 delivery charges & 4 opportunities for errors or breakage. This when I knew I had to make a change in the way these products were purchased and delivered.

Our mission here at The Fragrance Room is to simplify the buying and receiving process for others out there. My goal is to integrate a wide variety of quality scented products in many different styles into one unified, easy to access website.

People have always been our priority. With all the experience we have acquired over the years working with the public and consumers we know The Fragrance Room will not only meet but exceed expectations. With price points that accommodate any budget, a full range of aromatic products and the peace of mind knowing that the packaging and shipping will always be reliable. Most importantly, The Fragrance Room is here to make creating a serene stress free environment in any home or place of business as SIMPLE as possible for you. We welcome you to The Fragrance Room, take a sniff around!