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Oils & Burners

The Reliable Way To Buy Pure Essential Oils Online In Australia

Allow your home to be filled with the aromatic benefits of fragrance oils with our incredible oil burners and oils available online from The Fragrance Room. Fill your home with your choice of incredible scents and breathe in the natural flavours that our customers have been loving. With 26 years in the industry, we have tested and selected the best options we’ve come across, allowing us to stock a refined variety of scents just for you. Discover our brand-new range of Gumleaf aromatics that have been carefully curated to immediately make you feel relaxed and reduce your levels of stress.

No matter if you are after a sweet vanilla scent, craving some green forest freshness, wanting a salty seaside aroma or chasing a certain floral fragrance, you will be able to find the right smell to diffuse in your home or business. We understand that everyone has different tastes which is why we have an extensive selection available to choose from. By using the Australian essential oils available at The Fragrance Room, your home can have the calming aromatic aura needed for you to feel relaxed and comfortable.

Benefits of burning gum leaf essential oils will bring you many natural benefits

Gumleaf essential oils are made from 100% raw natural and organic fragrance materials from around the globe. Not only are gum leaf essential oils great for slow-burning aromatics to fill your home, but they also are therapeutic in their nature. Depending on your needs, whether it is to calm you or clear your airways, we have the natural gum leaf essential oil suitable for you. You can choose any fragrance that is needed to ensure that you have the correct essential oil for your ailment.  Each essential oil has different benefits that can aid you in your everyday life, which is why the burning or diffusing of these are so common. From fragrances that help you discover a sense of happiness and relaxation, to those that are meant to soothe you and help you recover from illness, there is something for everyone. Start a conversation with our team to find out more about our Australian gum leaf essential oils and aromatics collection today or simply buy your new or old favourites online.

Looking for Some Pure Essential Oils To Invigorate Your Space?

You can choose your favourite fragrance in the form of candlesoilsroom sprays, or car diffusers and have your favourites delivered straight to your home or office! Our team at The Fragrance Room will go above and beyond to ensure that all of our items are produced with high-quality materials so that you will have the aromas that will last.

To find out more, contact our team today on 0412 677 720, or email us on

We recommend you purchase a small bottle of fragrance to ensure it meets your expectations as we do not offer refunds because you do not like the scent.