Why Prices Vary So Much with Scented Candles?

Like almost everything you buy, there will be confusion over variances in their costs. Because people’s perceptions of candles are that they are just wax, wick and a bit of scent in a glass jar.

Branding plays a part in the cost, as a rule when a brand name becomes popular, the price of the product will increase. Clever marketing is a big part of this and can make a product, even when there is no foundation or legitimate reason for the product to be successful.

Presentation, Price and persistence will also work. Continuous advertising using various themes, end of financial year, stock take, even our accountant has gone mad sales. Suggesting there are huge reductions in price available.

Have you ever noticed how good a quality piece of clothing can look, even after it has been worn a few times? Or why the prestige motor cars invariably cost more. Have you ever purchased a cheap copy of a product, and then wondered why it does not work as well or last as long as you had anticipated?

You can compare TVs, perfume, almost anything you can think of, and there will always be the one answer. Build your product using quality as its main criteria, not price.

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