Soy Votive Candles - Select a Fragrance

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Soy Votive Candles - Select a Fragrance

100% soy candle with a 15 hour burn time. An elegant glass votive (52mm wide, 65mm high), this candle will compliment any decor.

50 Fragrances to select from..

Café Collection, a mouth watering blend of toasted almonds, sugared biscotti and a hint of chocolate. Sweet and addictive!
Herb Garden Collection, a fresh blend of citrus and berries which is enhanced by notes of jasmine, Spanish sage, clove and mint.
Florist Collection, this fragrance combines fresh bamboo with amber and musk, with additional notes of cedar wood and sandalwood.
Luscious caramel, banana and vanilla cream - a dessert lovers dream!
Home Collection, luscious vanilla cream and cocoa butter.
Pâtisserie Collection, sweet bread combined with a hint of petitgrain
Lolly Shop Collection, juicy and sweet bubblegum - a sentimental favourite.
Pâtisserie Collection, sweet and luscious caramel combined with sugary vanilla.
Lolly Shop Collection, mouth watering caramel combined with luscious vanilla.
Café Collection, Chai Latté… Creamy, spiced chai tea with clove, cinnamon and vanilla bean notes.
Florist Collection, lovely cherry blossom and mimosa flower, rounded off with tonka bean and vanilla notes.
Indulge in this amazing combination of peppermint essential oil, cream and a hint of marshmallow
Delicious creamy chocolate, hazelnut, buttermilk, vanilla, caramel and malt. Burn this, and you'll have people asking where the brownies are!
Pâtisserie Collection, spicy cinnamon with apple and a hint of vanilla sponge. A delicious addition to your collection.
Fruit Stall Collection, creamy coconut with buttery vanilla notes. A summery dream…
Café Collection, for coffee lovers… The aromatic scent of ground coffee beans with a slight hint of cocoa.
Lolly Shop Collection, a delightful blend of sugared strawberry and vanilla. Re-live a day at the fair with this candle!
Fruit Stall Collection, one of our most popular scents. The smell of fresh fig combined with soothing currant. Purely beautiful…
Florist Collection, a gorgeous fragrance that will fill your home and remind you of summer days.
Home Collection, a combination of lime zest, lavender and mild notes of cedarwood and nutmeg, it it deliciously fresh and invigorating.
Lolly Shop Collection, sweet grape with a hint of strawberry and plum.
Fruit Stall Collection, crisp and mouthwatering green apple.
Café Collection, a fragrant blend of espresso, sugar, cream and hazelnut.
Café Collection, creamy cocoa… Love chocolate? Then you will love this candle.
Florist Collection, an addictive and sweet floral scent.
Fruit Stall Collection, a beautiful sugary pear fragrance with citrus notes.
Café Collection, dreamy lemon syrup combined with sugared biscuit and a hint of chocolate.
Fruit Stall Collection, an addictive blend of lemon verbena and Italian bergamot.
Herb Garden Collection, fresh lemongrass combined with juicy ginger. A delightful, crisp combination.
Fruit Stall Collection, a refreshing mix of lime and creamy coconut with notes of verbena and vanilla.
Herb Garden Collection, an uplifting citrus blend of lime and mandarin with notes of basil.
Home Collection, the fresh fragrance of sun dried linen with notes of lemon, lime, green apple, jasmine, lily and violet.
Lolly Shop Collection, sweet and musky marshmallow with notes of jasime and vanilla.
Remember when you got a bag of mixed lollies as a kid, and how it smelt when you opened the bag? Well, this candle will take you right back to that moment ;)
A fresh, citrus blend of sweet orange, bergamot, rosewood, lavender and patchouli.
Be escorted back to your childhood with this delicious blend of peanut, popcorn, butter, toffee, malt and vanilla bean
Herb Garden Collection, a clean and fragrant blend of peppermint and eucalyptus with notes of patchouli and cedar wood.
A mouth watering combination of rhubarb, strawberry, raspberry and orange complimented with notes of currant, pear, lilac and rose.
Home Collection, a fresh scent combining cedarwood, bergamot, lemon peel, musk and fir needle.
Lolly Shop Collection, nostalgic sweet strawberry.
Pâtisserie Collection, fresh baked cookie with vanilla, sugar and caramel.
Fruit Stall Collection, sweet raspberry with vanilla sugar. Perfect for summer, or when you are dreaming of summer…
Home Collection, a soft blend of white cedar, violet, freesia and powdery musk.
Herbaceous and uplifting, a heavenly mix of olive, lemon thyme, bergamot, musk and amber.
Pâtisserie Collection, a delicious combination of espresso, vanilla sponge, whipped cream, cocoa and marsala.
Delicious caramelised sugar with notes of soft chamomile, coffee bean and vanilla.
Just like traditional Turkish Delight, with sugar, rosewater, vanilla and musk
From our Café Collection, sweet vanilla combined with cocoa. Sure to become a favourite…
Pâtisserie Collection, a dreamy vanilla cake with whipped cream and sugar.
Reminiscent of Australian Spring and Summer, a gorgeous blend of jasmine, petitgrain and honey.

Type: Soy Candle

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