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Essential Oil Pack Fall Spice

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Essential Oil Pack Fall Spice

5-pack bottle set consisting of 100% Pure Essential Oils – all packaged in a stylish and environmentally friendly gift box!

How to use me
There are countless ways that you can use your essential oils, but below are a few of our favorite ideas for Autumn to get you started;

Diffuser or Vaporiser: Love those spicy and intoxicating aromas associated with Autumn? Add 2-10 Drops of Essential Oil to your Diffuser or Vaporiser - try mixing a few oils together to create your own personal favorite!
Room Spray: For a quick room refresher, combine 2 Tbsp alcohol (Vodka works well) with 10-40 drops of Essential Oil into a spray bottle and shake well. Top up with ¾ cup water and mist the air throughout your home.
Bath Salts: Create your own personal Bath Salts by combining ½ cup Himalayan Pink Salt with ½ cup Epsom Salt and 8-10 drops of Essential Oil. ¼ cup Baking Soda can also be added if you wish.
Massage: Dilute 6-10 drops of Essential Oil into 100ml of your favorite Carrier Oil or Base Massage Oil to relax your muscles and help uplift your spirits.

Fall Spice Essential Oil Pack Contains:
  • Orange Sweet Essential Oil (15ml)
  • Clove Bud Essential Oil (15ml)
  • Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil (15ml)
  • Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil (15ml)
  • Ginger Essential Oil (15ml)