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Room Sprays


Use The Fragrance Room’s selection of room sprays to get that much-needed pop of fresh air, enriched in a variety of natural scents. Spritz the bottle throughout the room and enjoy relaxing fragrances that’ll keep you and your guests at peace.

Our range of room sprays are designed to surround and entice with the scent of your choosing, creating a welcoming environment with just a single spray. Each fragrance has been carefully selected to reflect a particular mood, whether the romantic scent in a colourful tearoom or a soothing aroma for your meditation room.


We believe that aromas have a huge impact on any environment, determining the ambience of the space. Welcome guests into a fresh home or invite clients into an office that smells beautiful. Whether you are looking for an indulgent scent for a luxury room or want something a little more relaxing to soothe your soul after a day’s work, we have a huge range of scents available for you to choose from.

At The Fragrance Room, our gorgeous range means you’re fully equipped to fill your home with the luxury scents of your choosing. You can create an even aroma throughout the home, or choose a scent to go with each room, creating a fresh variety in every step. We know that fragrances reflect a room’s character, as well as your own personal taste, which is why we’ve collected a huge range to satisfy everyone’s preference. From luxury scented candles to therapeutic essential oils, The Fragrance Room has you covered.


At The Fragrance Room, we have created a beautiful collection of room sprays that can uplift and invigorate any space. Simply add a couple of sprays throughout a space your looking to refresh and enjoy a luxury scent that lingers. It’s like your room’s own perfume, perfectly complementing its décor and ambience. Browse our current range and find the perfect bottle for a gift or for yourself. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0412 677 720 or by emailing