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Natural Scented Soy Candles For Sale In Australia

Candles can be added to any home to bring your own personal flair or set a certain atmosphere. Every scent has its own character, and you can reflect your unique identity with the right combination of soy candles, natural lighting and beautiful décor.

Fill your room with fresh aromas and romantic, soft lighting with The Fragrance Room’s range of natural soy candles. We have carefully selected our range to include fresh vanillas, intoxicating florals and bright fruits to suit everyone’s personal preference. Discover our range of soy candle options that will effortlessly bring you to a place of ease and deep relaxation.

Why choose soy candles for aromatherapy?

Soy candles have a number of benefits that make them the ideal choice for aromatherapy. With no harsh toxins or chemical pollutants, soy candles give off a clean flame which is incredibly ideal for people with allergies. Soy wax also burns cooler, so your candles can be enjoyed much longer than ordinary paraffin candles. At The Fragrance Room, we ensure our candles are made with quality in mind. Our soy candle collection is carefully curated for aromatherapy and our soy blends are designed to provide you with a fragrance that will relax you and assist you set the environment you desire. Order a gorgeous natural candle for your home or pick up one as a gift.

The dependable way to find soy candles in Australia

The Fragrance Room specialises in all things aromatic and fragrant, including candles, essential oils, room sprays and diffusers. Our online store is your reliable place to purchase from the widely popular soy candle collection. We recommend that you browse through our collection of soy candles to discover which scent is the one to invigorate your home or office with.  At The Fragrance Room, we understand the importance of scent in any space, and aim to fill Australian homes with seamless, natural aromas. If you are looking for scented soy candles or soy wax melts for yourself or a gift, look no further.

Chosen your soy candle? Have it delivered straight to your home

Whether you are ordering from Sydney, Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia, we are happy to ship our scented candles straight to your door. We take extra care when packing each individual box, ensuring that your product arrives in perfect condition. Browse our collection of scented soy candles today or pick up a selection of air fresheners and get your entire home, office and vehicle smelling beautiful. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us on 0412 677 720 or email